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Why Choose Metal Roofing?

Modern metal roofing has many benefits over traditional asphalt shingles.  Available in a number of decorative finishes and profiles, metal roofs offer such advantages as:

* Cheaper home insurance.  While the initial cost  may be higher than shingles, metal roofing is not prone to damage from hail and other extreme weather conditions.  Insurance companies often recognize this and offer lower premiums.


*Higher property value.  Virtually maintenance - free and boastin a life expentancy of more than 40 years, metal roofing can make your home more attractive to potential buyers.


* Reduced utility bills.  While shingles absorb sunlight and store heat, metal roofing reflects sunlight and can save you up to 40% on cooling costs in summer months.


* Low Maintenance.  Metal roofing does not have to be patched, replaced or reshingled.  A metal roof can last more than 75 years!


* Great aesthics.  Metal roofs are available in a variety of  profiles and colors and will enhance the appearance of your home!

We also build garden sheds/calf shelters and ice fishing sheds - custom to your size!


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